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MaxSea With CM93v3 Issue505 Professional.rar




New UPDATE Windows 7.1.2536 x64 Realtek( RDC) cCp1266 cm93v3 0x02 Should be working. Trying the newest RDC drivers and the OLDest version of the 0x01 driver and getting the same results. Your new driver 08.11.2010 Main problem: All adapters are detected but not used, like vlan not working. Problem: Module acpibs is not loaded. Solution: Modify the etc/modprobe.d/check_release_upgrade.conf and add a line for cm93v3 with blacklist acpibs I am running just about every driver possible but so far there are no game-play issues. I have gotten a couple problems with other things being buggy, but all I am doing at the moment is flying, which shouldn't be buggy (or should be buggy only at the moment I am trying to fly and it's perfect). I'll try the in a day or so when I get a chance and let you know how it goes. EDIT: is bugged (but I am not sure how, because the game seems to be running fine). I had the same issue and haven't been able to find a solution for it. EDIT: A workaround: Always start the game with the following command: --uninstall This will remove all stretchiness and buggy issues for the duration of the game. Also, I have found a workaround to the fixed landing animation problem, which




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MaxSea With CM93v3 Issue505 Professional.rar

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