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LRA contributes to EOOS Community with cleaner and less costly surveillance

The European Ocean Obversation Services Community meets in Brussels for a 3 days conference on all topics of clima and ocean status.

There is a lot being done but taking care for the status of the oceans means to brings additional pollution into the air burning fuel for the operation of legacy surveillance aircraft.

Antares E2 changes this game.

The airborne platform Antares E2 changes this game providing clean and climate neutral surveillance services. Long endurance, minimum cost, no emissions, silence - a multiple bottom line. Emissions are gone. Carbon oxide and hydrogen are used to form methanol. Hydrogen may even be derived from water using electrolysis, so the fuel chain can be fully sustainable and renewable.. In the air, fuel cells extract and reform this into hydrogen and carbon dioxide and generate propulsion power out of it. It just releases water and carbon dioxide back into the air. Thats it.

No additional pollution. Bad news for oil spillers, illegal fishers, ocean polluters and – due to its disruptive cost revolution – good news for everyone who wants to take care for the ecological status of our oceans.

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