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  • The Antares E2 aircraft was specifically designed for long-endurance missions with high reliability. Its fuel-cell hybrid electric propulsion system is superior in terms of all relevant measures such as reliability, range, endurance, direct operating cost (DOC) and environmental friendliness.

  • Lange has unrivaled design and operational experience in the field of electric powered aircraft​

    • Developed and built first certified electrically powered aircraft (20E) (TCDS EASA.A.092), Certification basis: JAR 22 / special conditions

    • Developed and built first certified electric propulsion system (TCDS EASA.E.015),
      Applicable for: CS-22, CS-23 (VLA).

    • Approximately 90 systems delivered

    • Approximately 100.000 h flight hours

    • Only company with vast experience on certified electric flight

  • Statistical database for electrical propulsive components.

    • Operational experience forms statistical basis for reliability calculations on new designs and architectures.

  • Unique experience in fuel-cell powered flight.

  • With in-depth know-how on all major components for electric propulsion. 

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