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The highly efficient electrical aircraft for piloted and unmanned missions: high endurance, extensive payload, extreme reliability and almost silent operation.

Going Now.

The original planning of the maiden flight had to be adjusted. Technically, we would be ready to start, but the circumstances with and through COVID-19 do not allow reliable event planning at the moment and, unfortunately, communication in the admission process is also restricted. We plan to get flying in late autumn 2022.
Axel Lange explains features and design concept of the Antares E2 to Kay-Sölve Richter at the AERO air show in Friedrichshafen 
(german language, automatic international subtitles supported)
Experts and podium members of the AERO air show in Friedrichshafen explain their impressions of the Antares E2 
(german language, automatic international subtitles supported)
Podium discussion on the AERO air show in Friedrichshafen on the
Antares E2

(german language, international subtitles supported)

Change the game

Going Further

A high endurance combined with an ability to carry heavy payloads and with a minimum of vibrations results in a unique platform for large area high precision sensing. 

Going Safer

A highly redundant drivetrain architecture composed of high reliability components and a minimum moving parts yields an ability to safely carry critical and valuable payloads.

Going Greener

Methanol fuel cells offer a environmentally beneficial solution. There is a significant reduction in emission of greenhouse gases compared to diesel engines and nearly no harmful emissions (NOX or particles).


Game-Changing Technology

The Antares E2 uses a novel electric drivetrain consisting of fuel cells and electric motors with multiple redundancy. This yields a combination of high endurance and high reliability which means that expensive sensor-payloads can safely be carried further and longer. Built-in capabilities for rough weather combined with the possibility of flying both manned and unmanned applications give the aircraft a high degree of mission readiness and flexibility. The payload carrying capability of the Antares E2 allows the installation of a comprehensive set of sensor and communication systems, making it well suited for a wide variety of applications. Antares E2 - a game-changer in remote sensing. 





 electric driven flight hours


endurance per flight


operation range




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