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AERO Kicks Off with Record Number of Exhibitors

The AERO exhibition is set to kick off with a record number of exhibitors. With 757 exhibitors from 40 countries, this is the largest the international aviation exhibition at Lake Constance has ever been - and Lange Research Aircraft and the Antares E2 is part of it.

Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann, head of AERO Roland Bosch and project lead Tobias Bretzel reported ahead of the trade fair that it would feature 50 more exhibitors than in 2017, when the previous record of 707 was set. This represents an increase of seven percent. Every company of significance in general aviation will be in attendance at the fair on the shores of Lake Constance. "The AERO in Friedrichshafen is Europe's largest exhibition for general aviation, and with regard to innovations and premieres, it's the industry's foremost exhibition in the world," said Klaus Wellmann in a press conference.

The hybrid-electric propulsion systems from Lange Research Aircraft presented during the media tour 2018 and shown in a common exhibition with the UAV Dach in 2019 are one answer to the challenges facing the aviation industry in the future. They allow the use of alternative energy sources for propulsion. In addition, according to the Antares E2, the physical separation of propulsion from energy generation in hybrid electric aircraft opens up entirely new prospects in aircraft design.

The Antares E2 is now very close to it`s maiden flight, for sure it will be flying in to the show in 2020!

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