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First wing completed: Important 2nd Milestone on the way to the maiden flight

The next important step on the way to the first flight was successfully carried out in Zweibrücken this week. After the fuselage of the aircraft was build - as the 1st milestone of Antares E2 last year - the first of the two wings was completed this week. The wing for an Antares E2 is the most complicated thing that was built for a glider. The immense load through the 3 fuel cells and drive motors make the complex construction necessary. About 1.5 km of lines (with a span of 23 meters) had to be integrated, the battery slots, control devices, control flaps, and much more. Gluing the two wing halves is by definition the end of the work. Simply a glued wing cannot become re-opened - it must work as it is. And it will! The same thing again with the other side of the wing, which is expected in about three weeks from now as milestone Nr. 3 on the way to the maiden flight. This will be followed up by the final integration of electronics and propulsion as the 4th milestone. Since the entire drive train has already been subjected to a 100 hour test on the ground, no more surprises are expected.

We will keep you updated soon.

Both wing halves before gluing

Everything prepared, forgot nothing?

No, we thought of everything - but a final check is always better

And now the exciting moment comes: both wing halves come together

Be careful - there is no second chance this time

Well done colleages!

Obere Flügelhälfte mit Harz vorbereitet

Lower wing half prepared with installation parts

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