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Police Air Services: Shaping the future together in the present - 30 years BFPP

The Federal Association of Flying Personnel is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a big party in Freckenhorst. Lange Research Aircraft sponsored the event and attended the reception. The motto of the event was the call: "shaping the future together in the present", with aviation, as well as many other sectors of industry and society, facing a major change.

For the operation of the police flying readiness not only a technical change of the tools per se is a constant challenge - above all the ever increasing use of drones must be considered. On the one hand drones are of course also a tool for the future investigation work. But the confrontation with unplanned flying objects is often uncomfortable and also dangerous.

The BFPP has set up its own working UAV to plan and regulate the handling of the development of this topic. The Antares E2 is seen as a possible tool in the police service and discussed. Due to the flexible operational environment as both manned piloted and remotely piloted aircraft requires use and operation, of course, appropriately trained pilots as they are represented in the members area of ​​the association. Cooperation is better than collision for both drones and general new technologies.

The Bundesvereinigung flying personnel of the police (BfPP) is the professional association of all police officers in the Federal Republic of Germany, which operate an aircraft of the police forces of the Federal Republic of Germany or one of their countries or are used in this connection. It represents the interests and interests of its members in terms of professional and social policy and in particular strives to improve and ensure equal conditions of work and living conditions. The objectives are to represent the crews of police fleets in their daily stressful environment to their employer, to advise ministries in the complex area of ​​general aviation with its special laws and regulations and to influence the legislation with expertise.

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