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Reliable inquiries for Antares E2 missions at INTERGEO 2019

As the start of Antares E2 operations is up to come after the maiden flight in autumn this year, the interest in scalable surveillance and geoinformation services rises. Lange Research is present with the Antares in hall 4 of this years INTERGEO in Stuttgart.

Everything in the exhibition halls in the hi-tech city of Stuttgart is about gathering, processing and presenting information using and for the Earth. True to its motto of “Knowledge and action for planet Earth”, the 25th INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE is more digital than ever, filled as it is with technologies, applications and know-how relating to geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

As the operation of the services (using well-known standard UAS with copters and small equipment) is limited to small size data collection, a flight with the Antares can collect pictures from more than 200.000 acres in one sequence.

We got a lot of request from application areas in forestry management and pipeline observation.

Our brand new service organization aeroDCS was launched as well at Intergeo. AeroDCS will take care of the operative implementation of flight missions and data processing of geodata collected.

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